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Our Second Chance at Forever Firsts

My beautiful fiancé and I feel that we have an amazing fairytale to share with you. In order to do so, we need to take you back in time, back to the beginning. Way back to the year 1993 when our love story first started….

Johnna and I were introduced when we were seventeen. We were best friends and inseparable for over two years. We cared deeply for one another and shared some incredible memories.  Unfortunately, life pushed us in very different directions and we eventually lost touch.

We often thought about each other and wondered what each others’ lives were like. I was lucky enough to get periodic updates about Johnna’s life during our fifteen years apart. My mom and her mom would often run into each other. Marilyn would share with my mom the major events that were happening in Johnna’s life. It was always a small comfort for me having that little secret inside scoop.

In 2010 I received an email completely out of the blue from Johnna. She had tracked me down online. We emailed and texted back and forth for a few weeks before finally deciding to meet for dinner. Our ‘dinner’ turned into over seven hours of laughing, crying, and catching up. We were so at ease and comfortable with each other it was if no time had passed at all. We really didn’t want that night to end. We shared so much with each other over those seven plus hours….things that we were too afraid to at seventeen. The most important and surprising secret revealed was that we were each others’ first female crush.

I really wasn’t sure if I would see Johnna again after our dinner date but I certainly wasn’t ready to let her go .I couldn’t lose her again.  I had waited almost two decades to kiss this gorgeous woman so there was no way that I was going to say goodnight without at least attempting one. Little did I know but she was thinking the exact same thing. WOW, what can I say? Sparks, no fireworks, ignited between us with that kiss (or kisses) that changed both of our lives forever. Johnna and I have been inseparable again since that night but this time as a couple.

I proposed to Johnna last Thanksgiving during a romantic weekend away. She obviously said yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a happy story to tell. We are so lucky, thankful, and grateful that we found each other again. We strongly believe that fate has brought us back together again for a reason. Our motto has become that we have been given a second chance at forever firsts. Johnna and I fall more and more in love with each other every day and cherish every memory that we create.

Please help us to write one of the most important chapters of our love story. This is, after all, a wedding almost twenty years in the making.  



Tanya and Jenn


When I met Tanya my life changed forever.I’ve always had relationships with men and nothing ever felt right, nor was I ever happy or treated the way I felt I should have been. I just went through my daily existence wondering if I’d ever find the One for me. My focus was on my health and when I had an opportunity to take part in a month long program for Fibromyalgia sufferers, I jumped at the chance, hoping this would give me the tools and strength to get my illness under control.When I got there I was incredibly nervous and was much younger than everyone, until she walked in.The moment I saw her she intrigued me, she was a beautiful woman and seemed to have a warm heart.  When we started talking we connected instantly.I had all of these feelings I didn’t expect to have towards her and didn’t know what to make of them.I found out later that night that I wasn’t the only one. I got a message from Tanya telling me how much she liked me and wondered if it was one sided. When I thought about it I knew it wasn’t.The funny part is that she was supposed to take the program twice before but had to cancel each time, and I got in at the last second.It was meant to be from the start.

Tanya was amazing.The most warm hearted caring person I’d ever met.When she kissed me the first time my knees almost buckled, I fell for her, and hard.We started spending time together every day, the first person either of us had ever spent so much time with and still missed when they were gone.We were inseparable, but were keeping it quiet at first.So we snuck away for lunch, and stole kisses in the elevator and I’d never been happier.When we finished the program it was hard to adjust to not spending every waking moment together and we both missed each other dearly.I ended up off work because of my medical condition and Tanya was there for me, to support me and we began spending a lot of time together again. We fell in love so quickly, it felt like we’d known each other a lifetime

At only 3 months we decided to live together, so Tanya moved in with me.Since she has put her own touches on our house and together we have made a home. We are deeply in love and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.During our time together Tanya had a hysterectomy but she puts all her faith in me and our love and we will be the best Mommies we can be. 

Tanya has taught me what it is to be truly loved, to have a partner, someone who is beside you in thick and thin. Every day we are together I love her more. We hope to have the wedding of our dreams and spend the rest of our lives together.

Some of the prizes that you could win!


Bespoke Jewellery  $1500 value

towards the purchase of two wedding bands 



Raji Custom Tailors - A Bespoke Suit, value $1500.00

This gift certificate includes a custom made suit, jacket, pants and a choice of fabric within the gift certificate price range. 

This also includes a minimum of two fittings.  

Expiry date: 6 month from issue for first fitting.











Dj, backline, and audio system provided.
There is a system Limit, with upgrades provided at discounted rate.


Baron's Acupressure Massage

Gift Certificate for Two People - Free Acupressure Therapy.  Value  $395   

 Including: Neck Wave Electronic Massager /  Scalp Massager / Infrared Light Therapy
           Magnetic Cupping / Electronic Full Body Pad Massager / Heated Hand Massager
           T.E.N.S  Massage Therapy / Finger-Pulse-Oximeter Monitor / Electronic Temp-Thermometer

Also Includes Free Non-Alcoholic Bottle of Wine & Free Gift.




($50 VALUE)


Bonnie View Inn

Two nights away at the Bonnie View Inn, includes full country breakfast!


Yorkville Weddings

$300.00 towards wedding or event planning and / or decor packages

This Is Your Life Stories  Comicography Studio

The creator of this wonderful comic is donating a $75 gift certificate for Comic Artwork.

Good for a special occasion card, or an 8.5x11slide digital file of a comic.

The gift certificate can also be used towards a larger project.



Please note:

You must be a same sex couple who will be getting married in the upcoming years (2012, 2013, 2014).

You must accept the gifts as offered.

There may be contracts from the donating vendors, to whose terms you will have to also adhere.

It is advisable that contact be made with the donating vendors soon after the contest is awarded, in order to ensure that your desired date can be booked.

This contest is available only to those who are not a part of the Gay Wedding Show organization, their family or their boy/girl friends.

The winning couple must be willing to have their photos and name used in our promotional campaigns.

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